Here’s what moving Beyond 77 looks like.

This project was launched to look at the big picture surrounding congestion along the I-77 corridor. We aren’t interested in small fixes – but rather large-scale solutions to make your commute easier (and faster)! After analyzing 15,000 survey responses, over 400,000 data points, and pouring into local growth projections throughout the corridor, we’ve keyed in on twelve preliminary hot spots.

These zones represent core concerns expressed by residents throughout the 68-mile stretch. Residents’ concerns were confirmed and further intensified by projections of the next several decades.

But we’re not done yet.

With your feedback, we’ll develop solutions to specifically address easing congestion in these hot spots. This could include anything from connecting key parallel roadways off I-77 to prioritizing light rail service funding. Take part in this next phase by participating in our Phase II survey.

Map of the study area showing I-77 from Statesville to Rock Hill

To improve the user experience surrounding the I-77 corridor, tell us what factors influence your transportation decisions and pinpoint priority areas in our region.