The I-77 corridor is the 68-mile stretch between Statesville, NC and Rock Hill, SC. The corridor spans three miles from each side of Interstate 77 which includes the Interstate itself. Interstate 77 is simply the interstate, from shoulder to shoulder.

The study aims to go beyond 77 and provide solutions to improve mobility in the area around the interstate to provide greater connectivity in our region.

The study will NOT be eliminating the existing or proposed managed lanes on I-77, they are under the administration of NCDOT.

No, the Beyond 77 Study is not involved in any way with the unsolicited proposal that was received for the I-77 South toll (managed) lanes.

Initial visioning and plans for the Beyond 77 project began nearly a decade ago – and are in no way a response to this newly surfaced unsolicited proposal.

Some recommendations will be able to be implemented in a couple of years and are considered short-term (2022-2025). Other recommendations are considered long term (10-30 years out).

Part of the study itself is to propose funding solutions that will pay to make the recommended improvements. These funding solutions could range from increasing motor vehicle taxes to an increase in vehicle registration fees. We are currently evaluating options.

You can check out our progress on the About page.

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The Charlotte Regional Transportation Planning Organization (CRTPO) is funding the study through a federal grant administered by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) through the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

Beyond 77 and CONNECT Beyond are independent. CONNECT Beyond focuses on transit issues and solutions in Mecklenburg County as well as 11 nearby counties – like York and Lancaster in South Carolina. Beyond 77 focuses only on communities between Statesville and Rock Hill along the I-77 corridor and evaluates all forms of transportation, including but not limited to transit.