How do we go beyond I-77?

As the main artery running through Charlotte, the 68-mile stretch of interstate between Statesville, NC and Rock Hill, SC serves a large community. The I-77 corridor is greater than just the interstate itself. It is a network of connections that allow us to mobilize our lives every day. That's why we'll ask you to think beyond when participating in our planning process over the next two years.

Our goal? Compose a plan and solutions that provide you with the transportation options you need. You’ll help determine whether we connect main thoroughfares bordering the highway, add stops to bus routes, focus on LYNX light rail, or build more bike and pedestrian lanes.

So, tell us, how should we move forward?

Help move us forward!

In total, 286 strategies and solutions were developed to improve travel throughout the I-77 Corridor and beyond. These range from enhanced roadway connections and emerging technologies to new policies and programs. With your support, any number of solutions can be implemented.

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Project Summary

Phase I

Data Collection

You’ll tell us how you use the corridor.

Phase II


You’ll review areas of greatest need.

Phase III


You’ll choose preferred transportation solutions and weigh in on funding options.

Phase IV


We’ll share the final recommendations you helped us create.

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